How Professional Private Investigator Surveillance Services can help in Child Custody Cases

One of the most stressful events in a person’s life is divorce.   No one marries and plans to divorce.  Divorce with children can be even more stressful.  In highly contested divorces, oftentimes financial settlements involve children and child custody.  Spouses may not want to pay child support, or want more custody time.  In some cases, one parent does not trust the other with the children.  We can help relieve some of that stress and bring justice with our surveillance services.  Please read on to see how …

We recently performed surveillance for a client whose ex-spouse was suspected of dropping the children off with a babysitter during visitation time.   Our client believed that the ex-spouse was drinking heavily and unable to care for their two young children without help.  She was seeking supervised visitation through the courts for her ex-spouse.   Her attorney suggested that she call us and have the ex followed after the custody exchange.

We were able to prove that the ex-spouse did indeed drop the children off with his mother, who the court had ruled could not watch the children.  The children spent both nights at the paternal grandmother’s home without their father.  At the end of the visitation time, the ex picked the children up from his mother and brought them to the exchange location.  Our surveillance report provided the court with proof that the ex-spouse was not spending his visitation time with the children.  The court awarded our client supervised visitation at a visitation center for the ex spouse.

In another highly contested case, we were able to prove that the biological mother actually gave her elementary school aged daughter to friends to care for.  Yet another case of surveillance resulted in our client gaining full custody due to the other parent’s alcohol consumption and reckless driving.

Surveillance can play a huge part in child custody cases, especially when there is suspected neglect or violations of the current court orders.

If you believe private investigator surveillance services would benefit your custody case, please give us a call at 916-224-4680.  Telephone consultations are always free of charge.