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We specialize in difficult service of process. We are not your ordinary process serving company. When you cannot locate a subject, when the subject is evasive, or you just can’t seem to get a subject served, we step in. Evasive people come from all walks of life and we’ve got the contacts and comfort level to serve just about anyone. With over 20 years of experience and membership in some of the most elite industry organizations in the world, we have the ability to serve almost anyone anywhere.

We do not offer the typical three attempts for a flat rate. We offer a skill set that can track down a subject that moves frequently, lives in a gated community, lives in a rural area, is in the military, refuses to open the door and a host of other obstacles. Using licensed private investigators and registered process servers throughout the United States and other countries, we have a resourceful team that uses creativity and professional strategies to serve even the most evasive subject.

Our reputation is proven, our references are some of the best firms, and we have the national reach to get the job done. Many law firms use Anna Stowe Investigations exclusively for all of their private investigation needs, especially subpoena and process service investigations. Process serving on difficult subjects commands an elite skill set that we are proud to possess.

When you need a subpoena, a restraining order, divorce or custody documents, or any type of legal document served, call us. Consultations are always free and many times we can get the subject served within three days. Service of process on difficult
subjects is a unique specialty and we have the experience, knowledge and creativity to complete the task. Call us for all of your process serving needs.

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