ASUS Chromebook

This is the ideal laptop that we use in the field. Light, easy to carry, and ready to air print anywhere. This product is our go-to for in the field interviews, traveling and last-minute consultations.

Apple MacBook Air

I’m an Apple freak! I love all things apple. If you want the BEST laptop and don’t care about price, Apple is your brand. I can easily sync my iPad, and my iPhone and I trust Apple’s built-in virus protection. I’ve tried Windows based and Chrome based laptops and they are great, but really nothing beats an Apple. Simple to use programs, excellent apps, and the latest technology. Once when my Apple laptop was stolen, I was able to erase the hard-drive remotely. In my industry, that makes Apple a number one pick.

Panasonic Camera

We like to use this camera in the field. It’s lightweight, has a great zoom feature, and super-sharp full HD 1080p recording. Stabilization is great and minimizes shake. Easy to use and easy transfer of footage.

Sony Camera

This camera is amazing for high-speed action. The auto-focus feature is spot on and the stabilization is great. Great for mobile/on foot use for fast action. Also great in lower light. This camera is bigger, so not recommended for covert work in tight spaces. Great for distance action. Zoom is fantastic.

LawMate Camera

This little camera is great for tight quarters. You can watch while you film on your phone to correct any alignment issues. Picture quality is excellent. A must for every PI who does close quarters surveillance. Decent battery life.