Case Mitigation Investigation

We provide expert Mitigation Investigations to attorneys who represent clients charged with Federal crimes.  Our foundation in criminal defense investigations gives us the expertise to work both sentencing advocacy and capital case mitigation. We are adept at both guilt and penalty phase investigations, and our association with several international and national organizations gives us unlimited reach in providing just the right experts for sentencing.

Why hire Anna Stowe Investigations, Inc.?

Anna Stowe Investigations, Inc. is a full-service investigative agency specializing in Criminal Defense Investigations, Sentencing Advocacy and Mitigation.

  • Professional, efficient, responsive, results driven
  • A team approach with wide-ranging investigative experience
  • A demonstrated record in sentencing advocacy, mitigation and criminal defense investigations
  • Mitigation is front loaded to the advantage of your client’s case from start to finish
  • We organize experts, schedule evaluations and analyze any potential 3553(A) issues.
  • Our recommendations are comprised of appropriate downward departures from guidelines.
  • We prefer to work on a flat-fee basis. No monthly billing, no mileage
    charges and except for out of local area travel expenses, we absorb most of the expenses during our investigation.

Team Approach:

Our licensed investigators bring a complement of strengths that allow us to develop sentencing strategies that best serve your clients. Working together as a team, our investigators will collect all necessary documents, character letters, evaluations, interviews, and other collateral materials in the most efficient and time-sensitive manner. Our reports are designed to bring together recommendations that conform to alternative sentencing guidelines while providing the optimum programs, experts and testimony to achieve the best possible downward departure. Our criminal defense investigations are conducted efficiently, are results driven and follow a planned strategy in obtaining the best result for the client.

Depth of Experience:

With a combination of over fifty years of collective experience our investigators are experts in interviewing and building rapport with clients and collateral witnesses, and have extensive knowledge in addiction, mental health issues and gangs/organized crime.

Criminal Defense Investigation:

Our investigators have extensive experience in building rapport with defense clients and their families along with collateral witnesses. Our
knowledge of addiction, mental health issues, organized crime including gangs, and our expertise in interviewing and fact-finding gives us a clear advantage in working all types of defense cases. Our investigators have years of experience working both federal and state cases.

Our Staff:

Anna Stowe
Anna has 22 years of experience as a mitigation and criminal defense investigator. Her interest in human behavior and restorative justice drove her career in the direction of sentencing advocacy and mitigation. Anna has extensive experience working with mentally ill, addicted, and gang affiliated clients. She is quick to develop rapport with both clients and their families and to create a collaborative approach to alternative sentencing.

Her affiliations with national and international investigation and public defense organizations give her a broad reach to obtaining the best qualified experts, programs and alternatives. Anna has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, volunteers with several animal rescue organizations, is a strong advocate for women’s and children’s rights and has worked with programs that support female parolees in their transition back into society. Anna is also a proud grandmother and loves spending time with her four grandchildren.

Donald Blodger
Don has over 25 years of extensive experience in interviewing, mitigation and criminal defense work, as well as suicide prevention and crisis intervention. He is exceptional at building rapport with a wide variety of clients including those who suffer from mental illness and/or addiction. In addition, through the many years of international travel with the University of California, Don has also gained a unique perspective and ability in working with those from different cultures. Don earned a Bachelor of Art in Community Psychology and a Master of Art in Organizational Behavior from Pepperdine University. Don and his wife love to travel, spending time with their grandchildren and volunteer in mentoring couples experiencing marital crisis. Don is also a professional photographer and has published numerous travel articles and has sold his prints around the globe.

Christie Vicars
Christie has over 15 years of experience of diverse private investigative work and is one of the younger females to obtain a California PI license. With her extensive background she is now applying that experience in the area of criminal defense investigations and mitigation. Christie has expertise in the areas of childhood mental illness, adoption issues, and PTSD related to childhood trauma and sexual abuse. Christie has the ability to work easily with juvenile and young adult clients and their families and is a strong advocate for juveniles in the foster care and justice systems. Her unique insight and empathy for her clients allows her to develop a 365-degree view of the client, the family and the community. Christie is also a professional photographer and specializes in family portraiture. She is also a busy mom who participates regularly in her children’s school and extra curricular activities.

A few of our cases:

People v Confidential Capital Murder Client – A thorough review and
analysis of thousands of pages of discovery, medical reports, psychiatric
records, and family interviews resulted in evaluation by several highly
recommended experts. Upon submission and review of these evaluations,
the court declared client mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Juvenile Transfer Case – Client charged with murder and gang
enhancements. Through the collection and analysis of school records,
CPS records, medical and mental health records and numerous character
references letters and testimony, client received home detention and
returned to school.

People v Faustino Romero (Yolo County) – Client charged with multiple
homicides, multiple counts of attempted murder, multiple counts of
kidnapping and robbery in addition to other felonies. A full mitigation
investigation including family testimony combined with a well-crafted telling
of client’s PTSD as a result of trauma at penalty phase resulted in a LWOP

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