As a Private Investigator I find information and answers.  I help people obtain answers by performing several different methods of detection and research.   Do you suspect infidelity?  Do you believe your ex is co-habitating?  Are you worried about what your ex is doing with your kids during visitation?  All of these questions can be answered through surveillance.  Surveillance can reveal whether or not an individual is being unfaithful, if an ex-spouse is living with another person which could eliminate an alimony order, or reveal what the other parent is doing with the kids during visitation time.   All of these situations can impact our clients financially and emotionally.  Receiving answers can actually save our clients time, money and emotional stress.

Another sought after product is a background investigation. These investigations can reveal pieces of a person’s character. By researching criminal records, restraining orders, bankruptcies, liens, employment history and other information we can help you put those pieces together.  Perhaps you’re wondering about the health of your significant other’s finances and need an asset search.  Maybe you need to locate someone from your past.  Do you have a judgment against an individual but need to locate the person and their assets?  Some clients need a potential business partner vetted to determine the potential viability of an emerging business deal or merger.

With the right investigator, obtaining the answers you need is easier than you think. Technology and experience allow us to provide you with fast, accurate information.  Anna Stowe Investigations has operatives available 24/7 to perform surveillance to your specifications.  Background investigations can be performed in 48 hours. We’re networked with other investigators throughout the United States and have access to the best proprietary data bases.  After almost 20 years in the business, we’ve got the reputation, the experience and the network to handle almost any surveillance, background investigation or asset check.   What questions can we answer for you?

Anna Stowe
Sacramento Private Investigator