Do you ever wonder what happened to your high school sweetheart?  Recently I was contacted by a gentleman who found himself wondering about the girl he left behind in 1955.  Apparently they had been good friends back then and even exchanged ‘pins’ but he left for college out of state and over time the two lost touch.  When he returned to California he had heard she may have gotten married.  He didn’t pursue it.

Fast forward to present day, and my client, for a variety of reasons, had been mulling over his life and past loves and felt it was important to get a letter to his high school sweetie – if she was alive – and if she could be found.  He contacted me, we met, and with very little information, I set out to locate the one that got away.  A few weeks ago, I put a handwritten letter adorned with an old-fashioned wax seal into the hands of my client’s long lost love.  I don’t know if my client is facing his own mortality, if his letter was a fond remembrance or more one of apology.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that I fulfilled my client’s wishes.  Do you have unfinished business with a lost love?  an old friend? an old military buddy?  Give us a call – we love reuniting people.

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