Divorce does impact kids.  Statistics say that kids whose parents are going through a divorce perform poorly at school, are prone to depression and insomnia, and have trouble appropriately socializing with their peers.  Divorce can be traumatic for kids.  One way you can minimize the trauma is by talking to your child about the upcoming changes.  You can also take a preventative approach and seek therapy for your child prior to you and your spouse separating.  However, in many cases the spouse has already left and the parent and child are left in shambles.  What to do?  Make sure your soon-to-be ex is treating the child properly during visitation.  Is your ex picking up your child only to drop him or her off with someone else?  Are the children appropriately supervised at the park, McDonald’s or at the friend’s house?  Who is your ex hanging out with?  Should those people have access to your child?  We can help with these questions and more.  Help reduce the trauma of divorce for your child by ensuring that your ex is providing the proper environment and supervision at all times.